How Has Ford’s F-250 Changed in the Last 43 Years?

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As the popular saying goes: “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

When driving past an old Ford truck, most of us are taken aback by just how much they’ve changed through the decades. By judging a truck by its exterior look and style, you might think that trucks from the ‘70s are completely different from modern trucks. Well, you’d be half right.

In this new video from the guys at The Fast Lane Truck, a 1974 Ford F-250 is placed right next to a 2017 Ford F-250 to discuss the glaring differences, and the surprising similarities. The core of these trucks are remarkably similar once you get past the superficial details. As they point out, the biggest difference is the lack of holes in the body of the new 2017!

The key differences between the trucks stem from one key point. The 1974 F-250 was used almost exclusively as a utility and work vehicle. These trucks were used by workers, and it shows. The trucks were beat to hell and no one really cared if there were dents and dings on the body. Also, who needs an extended cab if you only drive yourself, and maybe one other person to the work site?

2017 vs 1974 F-250

The 2017 is a different story. Sure, this truck is very capable, with enough power to do just about anything you might want or need. However, these trucks are now daily drivers, so there’s comfort and room to carry kids, groceries, and whatever else is needed over the weekend. Of course, heated and massaging seats, and a 360-degree camera are a creature comforts that weren’t though of back in 1974.

All in all, the video shows that you can nitpick various differences between the trucks which are ultimately superficial. These two trucks represent the best Ford had and has to offer over the years.

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