Ford Trucks Are Among the ‘Most ‘Murican’ Vehicles in the Land

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According to a recent study, Ford Motor Company produces five of the ten ‘Most American’ vehicles.

Ford’s F-150 was ranked among the highest “Made in America” vehicles by a recent survey of American-built cars and trucks. The F-150 ranked second behind only General Motors’ trio of platform-sharing SUVs, as having been made from the highest percentage of American-made components.

The study found that 85 percent of the F-150’s components were assembled in the United States. That came up only 0.5 percent behind GM’s Chevrolet Traverse, Buick Acadia, and GMC Acadia. This comes at a time when the total percentage of American auto and component manufacturing is down 5 percent, reports USA Today.

Professor Frank DuBois of American University’s Kogod School of Business compiles the annual study of the automotive industry. The study, officially called the ‘Kogod Made in America Auto Index,’ examines several categories relating to how parts are sourced and supplied for autos.

DuBois says that many other indices fail to take into account the subtleties of parts supplying. The categories include things like research and development costs as part of the manufacturing process. Those categories also include the percentage of U.S. and Canadian parts used, the location of the assembly factory, and the engine and transmission source(s). DuBois assigns each category a score toward the overall score.

In 2016, the auto industry comprises 3.5 percent of the United States’ gross domestic product. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers says that domestic-built cars accounted for 65 percent of the vehicles sold in the U.S.

Ford currently sells more than 2,450 trucks on average every single day. At the current rate, that would result in nearly 900,000 Ford Trucks sold in a calendar year.

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