Ford F-150 Production Has Hit Another Snag

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It’s a good thing Ford sells a bajillion F-150s because the company has encountered a few delays in fully capitalizing on that vehicle’s popularity this model year. In April, we told you neither of the plants that manufacture the new aluminum truck were up to full speed at the time. Now, Ford can’t get enough frames on which to build its perennial favorite.

The Elizabethtown, Kentucky facility that produces the high-strength steel frames, owned by Mexican company Metalsa S.A. de C.V., hasn’t been able to produce enough of them to keep up with Ford’s production schedule. As a result, the Blue Oval has reportedly had to cancel some planned overtime at the Dearborn and Kansas City plants that build the F-150 and send employees at those locations home early several times over the past few months.

There are some silver linings here, though.

For instance, Ford told Automotive News via email, “We are producing the all-new F-150 at full production at Dearborn Truck Plant and will be at full production this quarter at our Kansas City Assembly Plant.”

Also, even though both F-150 factories produced significantly fewer trucks in April than they did in April 2014, the trucks they have produced are selling for more than F-150s did in 2014. The average transaction price is up to $42,500 – an increase of $3,200 relative to last year, according to TrueCar.

On top of that, demand for the lighter and stronger new F-150s has caused Chevy, GMC, and Ram to offer more generous discounts on their trucks to keep Ford from gaining market share.

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