Ford Canada Scares Away Hunger

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We Scare Hunger

We often talk about the efforts of local dealerships in helping the community they do business in, but our friends to the north have been up big this holiday season.

Ford Canada partnered with local dealerships and Model We’s Free the Children to create the We Scare Hunger program.¬†This is one of the many ways that Ford Canada gives back throughout the year to local neighborhoods and communities.

We Scare Hunger started on October 31st, and since collected 150,000 pounds of non-perishable food. Those are Canadian pounds, so they’re probably extra friendly! They’ve also had significant cash donations. To help get all of that food to food banks in need,¬†200 dealerships across the entire country donated a fleet of vehicles to haul the goods where they needed to go.

This was Ford Canada’s first time to be involved with Free the Children and they seem very, very pleased with the results. It appears that it won’t be the last time that Ford Canada partners with this organization to help our hungry neighbors to the north.

Ford also does toy drives and Drive 4UR programs, which are a lot of fun. Our local Drive 4UR school program even had a bouncy castle for kids to play in while their parents drove all the new Ford models they wanted to. These are just some of the ways that Ford gives back.

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Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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