Ford Aims for the Funny Bone in Clever New Ranger Ad

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Apparently, the new Ranger is capable of towing way, way more than its already impressive rated capacity.

Ford promised from the very beginning that the North American Ranger reboot would land at the top if its class in terms of towing and payload capacity. And they backed up those promises by claiming the mid-size crown right off the bat. The 2019 Ranger, equipped with a 2.3-liter Ecoboost producing 270 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque, is rated to tow a whopping 7,500 pounds.

As you might imagine, Ford is keen to put an exclamation mark on that accomplishment. You could say the Blue Oval has done just that, in rather dramatic fashion, with this funny new ad titled “The New Ford Ranger. Tow Whatever the Hell You Want!” To be fair, this particular advert is touting the towing capability of the Euro Ranger with the EcoBlue Bi-Turbo engine. But that doesn’t make it any less entertaining.

2019 Ford Ranger Towing

The 2.0-liter diesel is officially rated to tow up to 7,716 pounds, just a smidgen more than the gas-powered U.S. spec Ranger. But as Ford demonstrates here, it’s capable of towing much, much more. As in, five times that weight. Here we get to see a Ranger pull a whopping 15 campers, which combine to weigh a total of 44,093 pounds.

2019 Ford Ranger Towing

Ford did have to make a couple of modifications to pull off this impressive feat, however. They reinforced the “caravans” with steel frames and installed tow bars at each end. But still, all that does is add even more weight to the 328-foot long parade of campers.

2019 Ford Ranger Towing

Perhaps the best thing about the commercial is the fact that they cast an Audi as the impatient driver. Which is clearly a case of Ford having a little fun at the expensive of what is typically one of the more accurate automotive stereotypes.

Obviously, neither we nor Ford would recommend trying this yourself. But it’s also nice to know that the Ranger is capable of exceeding its rated towing capacity!

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