Ford Accepting Applications for SEMA Project Vehicle Program

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Are you interested in working with Ford on a project vehicle for the 2015 SEMA show? I’m sure we all are! If you are an aftermarket product company or designer, and willing to spend some of your own money on promotion at SEMA, Ford wants to work for you!

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If you’re new to SEMA, the aftermarket and specialty equipment show demonstrates what companies can do to modify stock vehicles.

Manufacturers play a big role in the show, providing early access to vehicles that aren’t even on sale so the aftermarket company can get to work, and have components and parts available as soon as the vehicle goes on sale.

For the 2014 SEMA show, many companies showed off various Ford F-150 trucks, even though it would’ve been impossible to buy one at the time.


How do they manage to get a hold of these vehicles? You guessed it! The SEMA Project Vehicle Program. Check out all the details on how to apply at this link, but here’s a basic rundown of what you’ll need…

  • You have to be an aftermarket company or designer.
  • Be willing and capable of spending promotional dollars.
  • An established marketing plan.
  • Be a member of SEMA.


If you are selected, you’ll have to pay for your own space at SEMA, maintain a $3 million insurance policy, and more. Obviously, this isn’t for the hobbyist. But we really like seeing this type of manufacturer involvement in the aftermarket process.


Being able to receive a vehicle to work on, often times before it goes on sale, gives the company a leg up in development and testing. That means enthusiasts like you can get a hold of products and personalize your vehicle right away.

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