The Focus RS is Almost Here – Watch It Now!

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focus rs

Ford Performance has been on sort of a roll lately. With the introduction of the new Ford GT, Raptor, GT350 and R, Ford is dominating the performance car market at the moment.


Keen to add to their repertoire, Ford is getting ready to launch the all-new Focus RS, and from this video, it looks like it could be the best one of the bunch.

That my dear friends is Ken Block hooning the hell out of the new Focus RS around a damp track.


From the quick, somewhat blurry shots in the video, it definitely looks as if the rumors about it being AWD are true. Couple that with the supposed 350+ horsepower, and you can see why we’re all excited.

focus rs2

If it’s good enough for Kenny, then it sure to be a hell of a fun car.

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