Five Videos Every Raptor Fan Should See

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The Ford Raptor is amazing but you and I already know that. The above gif is from a video series by Ken Block called Gymkhana where he pilots cars around in fantastic fashion. During this sequence, he dances his souped-up Focus around and around a Raptor in spectacular fashion. Here are some videos that are some of our favorites that showcase this monster of a truck doing what it does best; kicking ass.


1. Hells Bells

In this first video, there is a Raptor vs an unforgiving off-road terrain that is affectionately called Hell’s Revenge Trail.  Watching the truck wind and maneuver it’s way over crags and declines is inspiring if you are piloting one and find yourself in similar conditions.


2. All Apologies

Watching these,especially the jumps, are pretty sweet until they come down again and bash into the earth. Fast-forward to 01:38 to watching a Raptor towing a big rig truck down a snow-laden residential street.


3. He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

Check out this guy giving the little brother to the Raptor a helping hand out of a sand trap. Remember kids, if you can’t count on family, who can you count on?


4. Sideways

Raptor + water slicked track = crazy fun. I imagine that the driver for this one was white knuckle the whole time running this course. Even skilled drivers have to be minutely aware of what their vehicle is doing when interacting with a rain-soaked surface. I gotta say, the driver handles this beast like a pro.


5. Head to Head

This one puts a generation of Raptor vs Ram Runner bickering to rest courtesy of some professionals. I won’t spoil what the ending is, but it’s interesting to see the reasoning behind it.


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