Father’s Day Gift Guide 2013

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Father’s Day is June 16th, and if you’re like most guys, you haven’t even thought about it. But not to fear! We’ve assembled a great list of gifts for the Blue Oval-loving Dad. From a battery charger to keep his toys ready to rock, to a beyond-serious train horn kit, to a piece of hardware that just might save his life, we’ve got you covered. Check out our picks below!


HornBlasters Train Horn Kit


There’s something to be said for subtlety””but you can’t hear it over a train horn! The HornBlasters site is loaded with descriptions about how its horns will “wake the dead” and are “completely insane.” Come on, a horn that comes with a “hearing protection required” warning? Awesome.


Fumato Drain Valve


If Dad insists on changing his own oil, this is a perfect gift. Honestly, this is such a simple solution it’s surprising we haven’t seen it before””check out the video on the QwikValve site to see how easy it is to install and use. Every 3000 to 5000 miles your Dad will remember how much you care.


Optima Digital 12V Performance Maintainer and Battery Charger


There’s nothing fun about a dead battery, so help keep all dad’s toys ready to rock and roll with Optima’s Digital 400 12V Performance Maintainer and Battery Charger. The backlit hybrid LED/LCD display provides easy-to-read info on fill rate and battery health, and top-notch build quality insures it’ll be around for years.


Ranch Fiberglass Tonneau Cover

$936 and Up

There’s lots to love about these fiberglass bed covers from Ranch. They give the bed a finished look, and they also keep cargo locked away from prying eyes. One other nice benefit? The aerodynamic qualities increase in MPGs on the freeway, plus they’re available for near every Ford truck.


Spot Personal Satellite Phone


How do you stay in touch with the adventurous Dad? The new SPOT Global Phone will keep any outdoor enthusiast connected when beyond cell coverage. With SPOT in hand, you can stay connected to family, friends and emergency assistance with crystal clear calls and a long-life Lithium-ion battery. It’s the perfect adventure-ready Father’s Day gift when he’s off the grid.


BrownLine Metal Works Digital Torque Wrench


You know the saying, “tools make the man.” Actually, that’s shoes, but we digress. Every piece””from the microprocessor, to the forged head, to the soft-touch handle””of Brownline Metal Works’ sweet digital torque wrench is built to last, and will insure every bolt Dad cranks down is on spec.


Mothers Wax Attack Polisher


If Dad always likes his ride spic and span, this kit will be a great addition to his arsenal of cleaning products. The Wax Attack Polisher from Mothers’ insures that putting on a solid coat of wax won’t take all afternoon, so he can more time enjoying his truck and less time dispensing elbow grease.


Dualliner Bedliner


Whether Dad is hauling gravel home from the quarry, or groceries home from the Costco, a quality bedliner is one of the things he’ll appreciate every time he loads up. DuaLliner’s bed protection systems are specifically molded to fit truck beds perfectly, so they’re as good looking as they are functional.


Hitches and Mudflaps from Inventive Products


With a dizzying array of available attachments, Inventive Products make the Swiss Army Knifes of hitches””but these super-cool mudflaps jumped out at us. The Quick Mount attachment allows the flaps to be secured with a single pin, and keep road debris from hitting your trailer. Seems like a winner to us!


Rancho Suspension Lift Kit


Sure. Regular height F-150’s are great an all… But isn’t it better to tower over traffic and a laugh at the thought of “rough terrain?” That’s
the benefit of lifting your truck up. Rancho makes shocks and well as other suspension bits for the F-150, including this 4″ lift kit. If this one is a little bit much for you…er… your dad’s needs, they have smaller lift kits for less as well.


Dynomax Exhuast Systems


Good trucks deserve to be heard as well as driven. And really, it would be a shame to leave that 5.0 v8 muted behind the F-150’s stock exhuast. Dynomax has several options for customizing exhuasts. They have D-I-Y piping kits as well as pre-assembled exhuast kits available through a multitde of retailers. If your dad is the type to get his hands dirty, consider getting him this upgrade.

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