5 Reasons To Bet on Ford in a Tug-o-War

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Are tug-o-wars stupid? Are they a meaningful indicator of usefulness? No, not really. But who cares! Trucks trying to out pull other trucks is fun to watch. I’d even argue there’s some skill in it. There’s definitely and element of preparation. From tires, to truck weight, to hookup height… There are a million ways to put yourself at an advantage. That makes it a legitimate competition. Here’s the best videos I could find of Fords doing their thing against other trucks.

Monster Meets F-150 in the Dust

I mean that literally. The three row behemoth of a truck is called a monstrosity. Clearly, since there were no dunes to crawl nearby, the natural course of action was to get into it with nearest truck. I would think the monstrosity would have the upper hand here due to weight alone… But I guess my assumption was just that. Not bad F-150 Not bad at all.

Toyota Gets Taught A Lesson

Look, I’m sure the Toyota Tundra is a fine truck… But it just plain loeses here. Admittedly, the conditions are pretty treacherous. The ground is wet and both trucks should have the same traction issues. Still. The F-150 beats him going one way, and then beats him going the other. You’d think with a name like Tundra, the Toyota would be better in the wet.

Ram Meets its Match

Ram vs F-150. It’s a classic competition. This is just one of the many challenges that play out between the two makes every day. Here, the win goes to the Ford that was able to hold it’s own against some dudes old Dodge. At first, it looks like he’s not going to be able to get the grip he needs. Eventually though, he does, and tows the Ram past the finish line.

Diesel Powered Sibling Rivalry

This is what you get when you have two evenly matched comtetitors. In this case they’re both basically the exact the same truck: 6 liter diesels with all-wheel-drive. Most of the time, tug-o-wars are over pretty quickly. This one goes on until the tires start smoldering. Kudos to them for being able to hold out for so long.

Beastly Trucks Do Battle

Yeah. This video isn’t so much a duel between trucks as it is a brawl between monsters. I mean both trucks are enormous, and both are extremely powerful. Watching this is like watching two heavy weight wrestlers see-saw back and forth against the ropes… But more intense. Awesome, awesome tug-o-war.

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