New Forum Member & F-250 Owner Has Repair Questions

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FTE forums 1994 F-250 7.3 turbo diesel

What do you do when you want to do your own repairs on a used F-250? Ask our forums! 

Taking on your own truck repairs can be a very daunting task. Even if you know generally what the issue is, it’s always good to go in with reinforcements. And the folks in the Ford Trucks Enthusiasts Forums are a great resource for a lot of trucking information. 

New forum member m.e1994 is facing some repairs on his 1994 F-250. He posted his issue to the forums.

FTE forums 1994 F-250 7.3 turbo diesel

Just Bought my first Powerstroke. A ’94 F-250 7.3 4×4 regular cab, long bed. 212,000 miles. Off the bat noticed a strong fuel smell in cab….Did the research and am already planning on re sealing the fuel filter housing. This morning 29° f it started right up, but noticed a knock that I didn’t hear before. Read up, injector possibly. Looking into “hot shots” fuel and oil additive. To help clean things out. 

Besides that I will be taking it into a diesel mechanic that was referred to me sometime in the next week or so. Need an alignment due to driver bad toe wear. 

Any advice before I take it to a mechanic? Or any at all would be greatly appreciated. 

BTW: I’m somewhat mechanically inclined and would like to do my own repairs. With YouTube, FTE forums, and the internet I’m confident I can accomplish most jobs. 

If you have some advice for m.e1994, hop on the forums and lend a helping hand. 

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