Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Drives Bronco Concept in New Movie

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Bronco concept from 2004 makes appearance on the set of ‘Rampage’, along with a massive gorilla and “The Rock.”

Dwayne Johnson’s new ‘Rampage’ movie is based on the popular 1980’s video game, where a friendly gorilla turns evil thanks to a scientific experiment. Of course, it’s the ex-wrestling star’s job to save the world.

What other fitting vehicle would “The Rock” drive for such a gargantuan task, than a nonfunctional Ford Bronco concept from 2004? Well, it’s functional thanks to movie magic, but the concept originally released by the Blue Oval was far from being operational.

Nonetheless, it’s cool to see a Bronco SUV in the big screen, perhaps for the sole purpose of building hype for the return of the iconic Ford in 2020. Let’s remember, it’s not the first time the Bronco makes a major appearance on the screen — as you may recall a popular white Bronco.

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