Hump Day Jump: A Ford Ranger, a Rabbit, a Jump, and a Tree (Video)

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Ford Ranger Jump

Sometimes one gets so much adrenaline rushing into their system that they forget to do even the basic things in life — such as not breathing while exercising, neglecting to grab the car keys when going on vacation, or simply not turning the steering wheel to avoid the tree that has been seemingly misplaced in front of this beat up Ford Ranger.

In the first few seconds of this highly-laughable video the giddy truck roars into the scene and charges toward the steep — and rather bumpy — dirt hump that he oh-so-clearly plans to jump. A little rabbit seems to want no piece in the action, as it is seen racing in front of the roaring truck as if death itself is nipping carnivorously at its heels.

Then, at last, the truck hits the makeshift ramp and launches haphazardly in the air. Surprisingly, it hits the ground in one piece and one can breathe a sigh of relief that, at least, the Ford survived the leap.

However, that relief would not last long, since it appears that a tree has been placed awkwardly in front of the Ranger and doesn’t seem keen to budge. And, apparently, the superb driver does not think to turn the steering wheel to avoid the impact. He is swiftly met with a chorus of well-deserved laughter. Check out the video below and watch the utter failure unfold!

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