Truckin’ Fast: Full Size Ford Bronco Almost Rolls on the Tuff Truck Course

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tuff truck bronco 600

Whether you call it “Rough Truck” or “Tuff Truck”, this is a form of racing where you throw your truck around a dirt course of short straights, tight turns and jumps big enough to get the trucks flying and today’s Truckin Fast Wednesday clip features a full sized Ford Bronco getting it done on the tight dirt course.

Like all Tuff/Rough Truck videos, this brawny, purpose built Ford sport utility vehicle rocks and almost rolls around the track – but he gets the beast down off of two wheels late in the race to pull off a solid run.

While some Tuff/Rough Truck videos show stock pickups and SUVs shaking parts loose as their suspension bottoms out after the jumps, this Ford Bronco is obviously a far cry from the white Ford Bronco owned by OJ Simpson and driven by Al Cowlings.

As the big Ford drives away, you can see that the “bed” area is completely stripped out to make room for a tube chassis setup, but it still maintains the cool, boxy lines of that generation Bronco.

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