Dealerships Wary of Low F-150 Supply

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by Marcus Slater

The new F-150 is coming (eventually), which should make dealerships around the country absolutely thrilled. In the short term however, there’s a worry that there won’t be enough half-ton goodness to go around.

As Ford switches from the old to the new, there’ll be a lull in production. Some dealerships have asked for more than 20% more trucks in order to cope with that lull. They’re also going to have to re-tool their shops in order to accommodate the aluminum construction of the new truck. It’s a lot for them to handle thanks the the F-150 being the most popular truck in the country.

Something tells me their sales will more than make up for the work they’re putting in now though. Even if there are some shortages, the promise of a lighter, better F-150 is too good to ignore.

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source [Detroit News]

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