Ford Focusing on Toughness at F-150 Debut in Detroit

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We all know about the inherent lightness and expense of aluminum, but Ford is looking to highlight another characteristic it has that people seem to gloss over: Toughness.

For Ford, reassuring people that the aluminum bits of their new F-150 are every bit as strong as their steel it replace is a tremendous part of their challenge. To that end, they’re going to be relying on some of the hardware their partner, Alcoa Inc., has built for other buyers. Buyers, like, the US government. In addition to putting together aluminum frame bits for Ford, they also build blast shields for vehicles destined for the battlefield.

Will the new F-150 be bomb proof? Not likely, but this display should go a way towards convincing people that the F-150 is built out of slightly sturdier stuff than the foil in your kitchen.

We’ll finally get to see this new truck in the flesh next month.

via [Bloomberg]

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