This Custom 1966 F-100 Will Make You Green with Envy

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Big wheels and tires might be the norm these days, but the trend of slapping them on old trucks is thankfully going the way of disco pants.  People are waking up and realizing that older vehicles in general look better with a more subtle set of rolling stock, something that enhances their lines rather than clashing against them.

This gorgeous 1966 F-100 is a perfect example of why it works.  The retro hot rod look begins with the 15 inch Vintique steelies and just continues upward.  The truck sits low over those classic wheels thanks to a 3/4 drop.  The paint is a throwback as well – a 1940 Ford color that looks like it could have been an option in 1966.

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No body mods, shaving, or painted bits are necessary considering how darn perfect these Fords look from the factory.  The interior is even simpler and cleaner than the exterior, with a charcoal and black theme to accentuate that unique green paint.  A wooden aftermarket steering wheel is yet another nod to better times.

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Power is provided by a 390 that has been jazzed up with some performance and appearance bits, and gears are selected by a C6 automatic transmission.  Overall, it’s clear that the owner was shooting for a period hot rod look, and we’d have to say he nailed it.  This is a truck that any enthusiast would be happy to add to their collection.

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