Ford Truck Toys: Show Us Your Collection!

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Whether you’re five or 50, Ford pickup trucks are among the most popular models in the world of diecast collectibles. 

In the thrilling universe of collectible toy vehicles, most models represent high-end sports cars. But when it comes to toy trucks, Ford products are among the most popular options in the market – and they have been for many years. Toymakers including Lego, Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Greenlight Collectables, Maisto and other brands have, at some point, offered an F-150, a Ranger, or a Super Duty in small-scale diecast form.


For instance, Hot Wheels currently offers the new Raptor, as shown above, while Greenlight Collectables features the 2017 F-150. Of course, in addition to the toys made out of metal, there are also many plastic model kits which feature a new or vintage Ford pickup. For those of you who are fans of Ford SUVs, you’ll be pleased to know that vehicles like the Explorer, the Expedition, and the Escape have also been recreated in a smaller scale. In fact, the Motor Company gave away a small, plastic model kit of the new Raptor at the Detroit Auto Show a few years back.


All of these Ford truck and SUV toys lead us to our newest “Question of the Week.” Do you collect small-scale Ford trucks? Whether you collect trucks or SUVs which look like your own vehicle, or you just aim to collect as many miniature Blue Oval trucks as possible, we want to know about it!

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