Ford Raptor: Can’t Afford the Real Deal? Just Build Your Own!

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With How to Build Brick Cars, you can assemble your own Lego Raptor. This one won’t require premium fuel or pricey monthly insurance. Score!

Every time we get behind the wheel of the new-generation Ford F-150 Raptor we’re blown away by its impeccable performance. From the new 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6, to the Fox Shocks, the BF Goodrich K02 tires, and the new aluminum body, everything works together to create one badass package.

The catch? It’s price! The least expensive Raptor we’ve ever tested cost a hefty $57,800. What’s a Ford truck enthusiast with an economy budget to do? Either wait until they considerably drop in price (good luck), or build your very own Lego Ford Raptor.

We know what you’re thinking, “FTE, I simply don’t have the imagination or skill necessary to do that.

No need to worry, friends, because the new book How to Build Brick Cars will take you by the hand and guide you each and every step of the way.

Written by Peter Blackert, How to Build Brick Cars offers detailed design ideas to build some of the world’s hottest trucks and sports cars. Even better, the builds are separated into difficulty categories, and the Raptor happens to be an intermediate build.

All you need to build your own dream truck are some Lego pieces, a few sweet jams, and a cold beverage of your choice on a Saturday afternoon. Doesn’t that sound good?

The attention to detail on your new budget Raptor will blow you away. The engine bay and motor are really cool looking, but the best part is definitely the little tonneau cover for the bed. It’s exactly what our Raptor would look like if we could afford one.

Now, there’s only one problem you’ll have with this Raptor that you won’t with the other: children. If you’re a parent, good luck keeping it in one piece!

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Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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