CB Radio Install On Older F-150s

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By: Rick Sauer


This article is for those of you who have a manual transmission F150 and cannot mount a large CB in the ashtray area. Or are just looking for somewhere different to mount your radio.



First size up area by holding radio with holding bracket to the header. Then with pencil mark out area where you would like holding bracket to go.



Then put duct tape over top of your marks. Then hold radio and holding bracket over the duct tape and mark left and right front corners of holding bracket with marker. Then take holding bracket off of radio and hold up to your marks. Then mark your screw holes.


With small drill bit smaller than screw you plan to use carefully drill hole. Make sure drill bit has less than a inch of travel so you don t poke a hole through the roof. Make sure to wear safety glasses when using drill. Also remember that the duct tape helps to keep the head lining material from tangling up in drill bit.



I used a inch self tapping Kelly screws any self tapping screw may be used but make sure the length of screw does not exceed empty space between header steel and roof. You can check this by inserting something small up through the hole. I suggest using 4 screws so that it does not come crashing down on you while stomping in the bush.



Remove trim pieces from front and both sides as you will run your co-axe cable and power lead around header opposite each other so as not to cause power disturbance in radio.



I personally went with a Wilson Little Will magnetic mount and ran co-axe cable around header and down behind seat belt cover and through rubber grommet in floor behind seat.



Make sure to seal with silicone around rubber grommet after you have ran co-axe in desired position.



After putting cable through floor run up and around header and before running to radio and installing header pieces. You will then need to add an end connection to you co-axe. These can be bought for less than $5.00 at any radio shack or CB shop.



Sorry about the blurry picture. Cut outer cover of co-axe approximately 2 inches back. Then cut approximate of inch of outer copper wire off. Then cut a inch of plastic to expose solid center wire. Then thread through your connector and solder tip. I used a small propane torch it made the job much easier because this job needs to be done at the truck and not at the bench.




After having made connection to the back of the radio with co-axe and power lead run your power lead across header and down side post and under dash to where you would like to pick up your power and ground. I used power and ground from cigarette lighter making sure to leave in line fuse (3 amp) accessible so that it can be change when needed. Make sure to use in line fuse or you will be blowing a lot of radios. 




This is the finished product. You can mount CB mike to the side of the radio with a mike clip and you can tuck and unused mike cord between radio and header.


After everything is sewn up you can run your co-axe around window trim using Seal All or clear caulking for a clean finish.





For me this was a three beer job. Please use at your own discretion.


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