Roush F150 Project Truck Articles and Sponsors

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Author: Ken Payne

Roush F150 Project Truck Articles

04/24/2006 – Introduction: Roush F150 Project Truck

06/09/2006 – Roush F-150 Poject Truck – The Roush Difference

06/13/2006 – How-To: Volant Cold Air Intake Installation, F-150 Project Truck

07/12/2006 – Roush F-150 Project Truck – Stealth bulb installation

08/08/2006 – Installing A Magellan Integrated Ford F150 Nativation System

09/17/2006 – Roush Billet Fuel Door and Sill Plates Installation On Ford F150’s

10/17/2006 – Installing Harley-Davidson F-150 Taillights

01/04/2007 – Roushcharger – Intercooled Supercharger Installation in late model F150 trucks

01/11/2007 – Roushcharger Installation: Before and After Dyno Charts

02/01/2007 – Retrax Retractable Tonneau Cover Installation

02/02/2007 – BrandMotion’s BlueConnect Hands Free Bluetooth Phone System

02/08/2007 – Troyer Performance – Tuning a Roushcharger for Maximum Performance

05/18/2007 – Installing the BrandMotion iPod Direct Connect Interface in Ford 2004-2007 F-150 Trucks

12/07/2007 – Replacing Factory Belt-Driven Engine Cooling Fan With The Troyer Performance Dual Electric Fan Kit

10/10/2008 – Level Ten 4R75E Transmission Rebuild

07/11/2008 – Scangauge II and – A Winning Combination for Cost Effective Fuel Efficiency

08/02/2008 – UPR Under Hood Billet – Dressing Up Your F150

09/16/2008 – UPR Billet Lumbar Knobs

11/21/2008 – DashDAQ II

12/12/2008 – Dynatech Long Tube Headers

08/05/2009 – Troyer Performance 4R75E Transmission

Roush F-150 Project Truck Sources:

Dynatech Headers
Project: Dynatech long tube heades and high flow catalytic converters

Drew Technologies
Project: DashDAQ II

UPR Products
Project: Under Hood Billet

Project: Scanguage II

Level 10
(973) 827-1000
Project: 4R75E Transmission Rebuild

Troyer Performance
(540) 965-7123
Project: Roushcharger installation, custom dyno tuning, electric fans, Dynatech long tube headers

Brand Motion – BlueConnect
(877) 276-6456
Project: Hands-free voice controlled blue-tooth cell phone interface

Project: Retractable tonneau cover

Royal Purple Synthetic Oil
Project: Performance fluids for Roushcharger installation

Netswork Cargo Nets
Project: Cargo Net

Jusnes Modified
Project: Black OEM Taillights

Brand Motion – Megellan
(877) 276-6456
Project: OEM Style GPS

Stealth Auto
(888) 978-3258
Project: Stealth Bulbs

Volant Performance
(909) 476-7225 (US Sales)
Project: Cold Air Intake

Roush Performance

Gwinnett Place Ford
(770) 476-2090
Craig Hooten, Sales – (678) 499-2606

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