Burglar Crashes Into Police Car While Fleeing in an F-150 U-Haul Truck

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F-150-driving Burglar either had terrible luck, or just plain sucked at stealing things…

It’s unfortunate that while most of us bust our butts working honest jobs to pay for our stuff, other people’s only goal is to figure out how to steal such stuff away from us. Thankfully for us, some of those thieves flat-out suck at “their job.”

According to sources, 50-year-old Robert Silvia broke into a Cambridge, Massachusetts area business, but quickly had to call off the heist after triggering the burglar alarm. Silvia was able to escape onboard a Ford F-150 U-Haul truck, which he allegedly rented to perform several break-ins that same evening.

Police arrived to the scene of the burglary and noticed the smashed store front, which quickly triggered a massive search for the not-so-understated white and orange F-150. Not long after the search began, a Revere police officer attempted to pull the truck over, but Silvia purposely smashed into the cruiser as soon as the officer attempted to approach him. “At the time that Silvia struck the Revere police cruiser, the officer was outside the vehicle and was able to move out of the way,” police said.

After the violent incident, a police chase took place in order to get Silvia and his rented U-Haul truck off the streets. The chase concluded when the thief lost control and crashed into a neighborhood auto body shop, where he attempted to run and hide but was quickly apprehended instead. Unfortunately, the F-150 caught on fire and was deemed a total loss.

Silvia took a trip downtown in the backseat of different Ford vehicle, and is now facing several traffic charges, along with breaking and entering and attempting to commit a crime.

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