BUILDUP F-600 4×4 Rig is Transforming into a 6-Door Dragon

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FTE Build

When one thinks of taking on a build, the first thought that comes to mind is usually anything from a basic fix-and-drive to a frame-off resto-mod project.

We’ve seen builds take place on old and new trucks alike, and they are always interesting and engaging to follow. Even so, we’d step out there and say that this particular build might just be a bit different from the rest.


Why would we say that? Because FTE member Bobird has taken on the challenge of making his F-600 4×4 rig into a beast with six doors to use for advertisement and for parades!


When fully completed, this rig will be a one-of-a-kind ride painted in bright red and sporting, as we said earlier, six doors. That’s just enough to carry a hockey team, at the very least!

So far, Bobird had gotten torn into two Ford Crew Cabs (and may they rest in peace…) in order to get what he needs for the third row, cleaned the brakes, and had gotten his hands on some new rims and tires. The rims have been painted in bright firefighter red, and they look great!


This is definitely a build worth following, and it is bound to just get better and better as it nears completion! Go drop by Bobird’s build thread and show your support!


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