BUILDUP A 1975 Ford F-250 High Boy Project

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Every year it is becoming less and less common to see classic Ford rides on the road, and this is to be expected for a variety of reasons. While some are obvious, such as the probably of the rides being trashed, wrecked, or otherwise falling out of existence, others require a bit more thought. This includes the debatable idea that car and truck culture is slowly dying as the new generations rise up. Though not a concrete fact, there is no question that these antique Ford beauties are disappearing as time goes on.


And because of this, we are thankful to FTE member smadden for taking on this ground-up build of his 1975 F-250 High Boy.  The rig currently has a 390 cubic inch motor, which smadden will be pulling and overhauling, at least a little bit, to give some more kick. He also plans to convert the ride to having disc brakes, powder-coating most of the ride, and much more! He has already made considerable progress!

Go stop by smadden’s build thread and show your support!

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