Country Singer RaeLynn Gets Our ‘Tailgate’ Moving in New Song

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Following in the tradition of country music greats, new song focuses on love of Ford trucks…and lovin’ in Ford trucks. 

Country music singer RaeLynn has a new single, “Tailgate,” that is sure to become a classic in the long and impressive category of country and western songs about trucks. Following on the heels of Colt Ford’s hilarious “My Truck,” RaeLynn’s new single “Tailgate” is fun and very catchy. What sets it apart from many songs in the genre is the perspective and attitude it offers coming from a Ford truck-loving woman. The song is heavy on heady nostalgia, with a throwback to simpler times and first love in a Ford truck.

RaeLynn told Taste of Country that she told her collaborators, Canaan Smith, Corey Crowder, and Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard, that this track needed something special to work.


“The day we wrote ‘Tailgate’ I told Canaan, Corey, and Tyler that if the song doesn’t make me want to dance then I don’t want to cut it,” said RaeLynn. She succeeded, it’s definitely going to inspire you to shake that tailgate.

RaeLynn, who’s first ride was a Ford F-150 that she still drives today, captured teenage summer fun in a pickup perfectly. Check out the lyrics.

“We were a couple kids in a pickup fooling around.

We learned how to keep it so nobody found out.

Mama don’t need to know everything.

Some things you keep to yourself.

Like dumb things you do when you’re 17, on the DL.

But if that tailgate ever tells, I’d be the small talk of the town.

I’m sure I’d catch all kinds of hell for every time we’ve laid it down.

In the back of the race-red F-150,

We get to kissin’, we get to slippin’ off clothes.

And nobody knows.

And only will if that tailgate ever tells.

Tailgate, don’t tell on me, don’t tell on me.”

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