1969 Ford Performance Buyer’s Digest Makes Sure Everybody’s Happy

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“There’s more to Ford than a worldwide winning streak.”

Now that is how you casually flex on everybody. “Yeah, sure, we win all the time (*eye roll*). “How about we focus on something else, like why you should give us money for these amazing cars!”

Hemmings loves to dig up and highlight old brochures and advertisements, and this week’s is an eight-page Ford Performance Buyer’s Digest. This came out when Ford was really feelin’ itself and points out wins at Bonneville, Pomona, Indianapolis, Riverside, and Le Mans (Ford won the 24 hours in ’66, ’67, ’68, and eventually ’69 with the GT40). And in a time when wins on the track meant wins on the showroom floor, this was a golden time.

The brochure highlights the Cobra, and the Ford Torino GT, the Mustang Mach 1, the Mustang GT, and the XL GT. It tells you about each car’s performance, and how you can use Ford parts to spec out your current vehicles, if you want to amp ’em up. The ’69 Ford Motor Company would surely be proud of Ford’s current lineup of STs, GTs, RSs and Shelbys.

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