6 Ways to Modify the Truck Bed to Fit Your Needs

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Raptor Debut in ChinaYour Ford truck is more than just a car to get you from point A to point B. It is a working truck made for the working person. The Ford’s truck bed is what separates this vehicle from the others on the road and it is used for many types of jobs, such as construction or helping a friend move. It is reasonable to say that you need your Ford truck’s bed to function with your needs in mind. Whether you use your truck for the outdoors or for working, here are the six ways you can modify the bed to fit your needs.

1. The Sun, It Burns


The bed cover is meant to keep your tools secure, but with this mod you can also have better access. Unlike covers that open sideways, this cover opens upwards. So while its main function is a bed cover, it can still double as a sun shade. This is great for when you need to escape the scorching sun on those construction sites or while camping.

2. What Does This Button Do?


Do your particular needs require dumping? If you need your truck to load and unload rocks, dirt, wood, etc., then you can modify your bed into a dump truck. With the use of a 12-volt hydraulic pump, the bed of the truck is lifted. This is, of course, a major DIY project, but with some research you can find the parts (or kit) needed.

3. Holy Rollers (or Laser)!


If you are someone who uses your Ford truck to haul your camper, then this is the mod for you. It is a difficult task to align the truck and the camper, but with this simple rollers (or laser) modification, it has been made easy. Both modifications allow you to backup your truck into your camper without the risk of being too far off.

4. Camper Not Included


Alternatively, you can always build a camper into your bed. Camper shells are a common thing, but this is unlike any camper shell and will be awesome during your summer camping days. While the bottom works as storage area, you can fit a queen size bed on top for sleeping. This will also save you from having to hitch and haul a camper.

5. Oh, Mahogany!


If you are looking for a way to renew the bed of your truck, consider going with a shiny wooden floor. Since wooden floors are a thing of the past, you can turn your Ford into an enviable retro truck. If you use your truck for loading, you might want to avoid the wooden floors, as you could risk scratching its surface.

6. Bugs! Where?


For the outdoorsy folk, this simple add-on will make the bed of your truck into a literal bed that’s fully protected. This will keep you elevated and off of the floor. If you are fine laying on the floor, then there are tents of different sizes that still utilize the truck’s bed. You can surely find something for you and/or your family’s needs by shopping around.


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