6 Things Tougher than a Ford Truck

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Alright, we hope you’re sitting down because this is some hard news to deliver: things exist in this universe that are bigger and tougher than your truck. 

Are you okay? Good, thought we lost you for a second. Okay, the shock has subsided and all that remains is curiosity. It’s human nature to want to know more, and today we are going to learn about what can possibly usurp an F-150. 


1. A Tank


Your F-150 can stop many vehicles in their tracks, but a tank is not one of those vehicles. If the tank is big enough, it’ll flatten that Ford in no time. Even if it’s a “small” tank, and your truck is lifted higher than SkyJacker could even dream of, it stands no chance against a tank equipped with anti-tank guns. That piece of technology is designed to blow apart any and all bits of sheet metal that stand before it. We were going to include a separate note about assault rifles, but that’s just nitpick-ery as the methodology and end game is similar.


2. The Apocalypse

fire and brim stone

We shouldn’t really be surprised here, but, no, your Ford Truck will not withstand the end of all days. Assuming massive nuclear fallout plays a role in our demise, the only things that will have survived will be the cockroaches and Hostess’ own Twinkies. Hmm, maybe that last one is an urban legend, but I believe in the indestructibility of the tasty snack. However, all else will fall to the wayside as humanity and all of its creation is obliterated. Better enjoy that Raptor while you still can!


3. A Tow Truck

Tow Truck

Tougher is debatable, but it’s hard to deny that just about any vehicle is going to lose to a tow truck. If you’re not there to defend the truck, it’s pretty much game over once they’ve got you hooked up. Double damage points if the driver is lazy and hooks your truck up wrong, as that’s all it takes to flat spot a tire, damage the suspension, or if things get really ugly: a transmission. Ouch. For the sake of your truck, please stay far away from the red curbs and do not incite the ire of a bored tow truck driver.


4. A Sledgehammer


Well, that’s oddly specific, isn’t it? When news came about that Ford would be using aluminum for the body of the new F-150, people were skeptical. Trucks are supposed to be tough, and made of steel. The use of aluminum in automobiles is costly, and people don’t trust the durability of it when it comes to a vehicle designed to work and play hard. The fine folks at Edmunds bought a 2015 F-150 for their series of comprehensive tests and among those tests was an aluminum torture test using, you guessed it, a big ol’ sledgehammer. It was painful to watch and according to the repair bills, painful to pay for.


5. A Chevy


Ha, just kidding. A Ford truck will always beat a Chevy truck.


6. An Even Bigger Ford Truck

Big Ford

Not entirely a surprise to devoted Ford truck owners, but the only thing on the road that will beat an F-150 is probably the F-250 to F550. Take your pick from the lineup, but as badass as your truck is, these things are even badder. For street driving, a diesel F-250 would make an excellent tow rig. If you want the oddball/exotic choice, a V10-powered F-350 was available for many years. The newest F-450 diesel is knocking at the 4-digit torque figure door, rolling off the factory assembly line with 925 lb./ft of the stuff. By our math, that’s enough torque to slow the rotation of the Earth. Finally, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em: Make friends with the local tow truck crowd with an F-550 and get in their good graces. No more tickets or impound fees for you.


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