Stanced & Ready to Prance 1933 Ford Pick-Up Hot Rod

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The shape, color and stance on this eBay listing caught my eyes. The craftsmanship kept me looking. A New York family’s renovation of this 1933 Ford Pickup is pure class. The intention for this hot rod Ford pickup restoration is to be driven and used occasionally not stored as a museum piece. It’s meant to rock, not to stock! EBay shows the details but let’s jog through a couple of highlights. All lights are bright and new.

Coming from a wrecking yard or close to it every part was rehabbed for rust clearing. Small dents were left for character. Starting with a clean slate they added fresh nuts, bolts, straightening, strengthening and boxing the frame. This has added more safety and a host of handling enhancements.

It’s lowrider hot rod silhouette and spirited driving derives from its refreshed suspension. The exposed frame up front bares a lowered transverse spring, present-day dampers and a Dago dropped chromed axle that delivers a sloping raked front. Holding down 283ci V8 power to the rear is a 1974 Nova axle located with a dropped crossmember and an authentic transverse leaf spring. Black ‘35 Ford wire wheels, Firestone tires and black drums tightly wrap up the lower end visually.

Keep looking for the tons of interesting bits about this rebuild.  To sum it up in a thought, this pickup performs like a hot rod and sounds like one too. Take a gander under the bonnet with heavy huffing 3×2 Rochester carb set up and twin motorcycle-esque wrapped side exhausts straight pipe spitting loud hot fury. The owner said it best, “just fire it up and take a giant step back in time.” Good luck bidding on this fully-complete 1933 Ford Pickup hot rod.

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