30 Reasons Why Ford Needs Lincoln Continental Seats

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For most manufacturers some leather wrapped over a piece of foam is good enough to be called luxury. But the folks at Ford and Lincoln Motor Company want more comfort for the back and rear ends of their customers.

For the upcoming Lincoln Continental seats the team has developed a 30-way adjustable design that could find its way into some of the Ford products in the future.


Dan Ferretti, Global Senior Technical Leader for Lincoln, explained that the new design incorporates eleven air filled bladders and springs to ensure driver comfort and wellness. This allows the new Continental design to use 40% less foam than a traditional car seat and removes some of the heat sink effect that comes from a foam design. The driver gets more freedom of movement while maintaining safety and support.

As soon as you sit down in the new seat you can feel that the various back and thigh cushioning give in the same way you expect from a mattress spring. Each of the leg supports move independent of each other to allow for a custom fit for any driver. The support allows for good blood flow and leg movement under acceleration and braking as we experienced on the Continental seat demonstration.

Lincoln Continental Concept

The Lincoln team mentioned that they took inspiration from the seating in a private plane when looking at how to cater the Continental to relieve stress and improve the driving experience. Their desire is that the driver feels refreshed and renewed after a long drive instead of the pain and even depression that can come from traditional automotive traveling.

An updated back and rear massage system is incorporated into the design. The seat ventilation feature popular on most Lincoln models has been updated for increased air flow for driver moisture reduction (you’ll sweat less). The 30-way seat design is a huge leap forward for the Ford Motor Company family and we hope to see it expand into all products. Your next F-150 Platinum may be more comfortable then your favorite recliner.

Checkout the video below to see some examples of the way in which the seat adjusts and give us your thoughts on this tech coming to your next Ford truck.

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