TIRE SMOKIN’ Turbo F-150 Doing Crazy Donuts

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turbo f150 donuts

This week’s Tire Smokin’ video features a 10th generation Ford F-150 going donut-crazy in a big, empty parking lot. The details are very limited, but the title suggests that this F-150 is turbocharged and it sounds like a V8, so it should be making a solid amount of power. In any event, it makes more than enough power to keep the tires spinning hard for over a minute – while throwing the back end around over and over for the duration of the video.

The tires of this Ford F-150 aren’t literally smoking the entire time, but the driver keeps them spinning between stints of heavy tire smoke, creating a video that is chock full of total tire destruction. At the end of the video, the F-150 rolls up to the camera and we get to see the rear tires, which are burned down to the belts.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!


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