3 Ford Vehicles to Consider for the Next ‘Snowmaggedon’

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Unlike other media-hyped storms, Winter Storm Jonas actually slammed a good chunk of the United States with a ton of snow. And I think most of us could agree that this time—the weatherman wasn’t wrong.

With the white and fluffy stuff being measured in feet and not inches across many states, I could only wonder about what kind of vehicles would be necessary to live a “normal” life if these were to be permanent conditions. Just think, what if all the people affected by Jonas were always buried in snow?

Well, I’ve found such vehicles…

Ford F-150 Raptor Trax


Ken Block is used to a life of toys upon toys, but what if you really needed a humongous Ford Raptor on tank-style tracks to get to work? Perhaps its thunderous 411 horsepower and ground clearance big enough to clear a silly Prius could get you there.

Ford F-350 Yellow Bus


Because wherever you’re going, you may need to bring the kids along with you—or twelve. This awesome Ford F-Series cab with what looks like an airport parking shuttle body, features some massive snow tracks to get you and everyone else to your destination regardless of the weather.

1919 Ford Model T Snowmobile


For the vintage Ford lover in all of us, this 1919 Model T Snowmobile is the absolute definition of, ice-cold-killer.

While you may not be able to carry as many people as the big yellow bus or the Raptor, this sweet looking snowmobile is the snow equivalent to a Fiesta ST—light, nimble, quick and even cute!

So, when the next snow storms hits, which ride are you gonna choose?

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Photo Credit: Hoonigan Racing, Hemmings, Yellowstone yellow bus.

Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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