2020 Ford Bronco — Could This Be It?

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A two-door, four-wheel-drive, modern, mini Expedition could be the new face of the iconic Ford Bronco SUV.

Want to spark a lively internet debate? Easy! Speculate about what the upcoming 2020 Ford Bronco will look like, or what it will feature under the hood. After all, we fans tend to be rather passionate about the off-road SUV’s resurrection. And what don’t we want? A gussied up crossover wannabe!

We first learned that Ford was bringing back the Bronco (and Ranger) at the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Since then, the internet has responded with slews of renderings, and we’ve shown you all of them — but we’ll do it one more time. Whether Ford decides to go retro or align the Bronco with its current lineup, we don’t know, but until we do, it’s worth examining everything we come across.


This new rendering imagined by artist Kleber Silva is unlike anything we’ve seen so far. Mainly because it incorporates the current design language found in the 2018 Expedition. While a huge departure from the render by Bronco6G seen above, it’s still a very handsome SUV. Don’t you think?

Despite its modern looks, this Bronco rendering does display one retro element to it, at least: it’s a two-door! Interestingly enough, that seems to be a major sticking point with many Bronco fans. Lastly, the render you see below by an unknown source seems to merge the F-150’s design into the SUV, rather than the Expedition’s.


Regardless, we think this unorthodox take on the new Ford Bronco looks pretty clean. It’s not exactly what enthusiasts are looking for, but it would probably go over well in the showroom. Now we just want to know what you think about this two-door mini Expedition?

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