2020 Ford Bronco Countdown Is Officially On

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Excited for the day we finally get to see the 2020 Ford Bronco in all its glory? Here’s your official countdown.

At this point, we still don’t know a whole lot about the 2020 Ford Bronco. We know what it looks like, kind of. At the very least, Ford’s official teaser pic from March revealed some tasty details regarding its overall shape. Square-jawed, short-wheelbase, and equipped with rather large tires, including a spare mounted out back. We also know that it won’t look like the 2004 Bronco Concept. Ford promises that the new Bronco will be a proper off-roader. And that’s about it.

Truth be told, we won’t know much more than that, save for some sort of internal leak, until the 2020 Ford Bronco is finally revealed to the public. Which has left many to speculate when that might happen. The most logical choice, of course, is the 2019 Detroit Auto Show. After all, that’s the annual event that Ford has historically used to pull the covers off most of its new products.

And if you peek around the automotive stratosphere, that’s exactly when most people believe it will happen. Including Ford Truck Enthusiasts writer Seth Parks, who’s even gone so far as to initiate his own personal countdown to the new Bronco’s reveal date. Which just so happens to be the opening of the 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

At this point, it just makes too much sense to ignore the idea. We can envision it now – In front of thousands of giddy journalists (including us), the new Bronco leaps onto stage over a giant man made hill. Marking a triumphant comeback decades in the making. So join us here as we count down the days until that magical moment. And be sure and bookmark this page as a reminder of when it’ll (most likely) happen!

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