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2017 Ford Raptor

Roadshow Tackles Tough Desert Terrain to Show Off the Strength of the 2017 Ford Raptor in High-Octane Video Review

The crown jewel of the F-150 lineup, the insanely-badass Raptor is back for 2017, and it is ready to pump some high-octane fun into the truck world. Much like the last Raptor, the new model was purpose-built to be an absolute monster off-road. Hell, it even has a “Baja mode” to take on sand dunes and dirt terrain — how cool is that?

What’s different this time around is Ford’s choice of power plant. The Blue Oval has chosen its bread and butter with the EcoBoost V6. In the case of the Raptor, it is turbocharged, delivering 450 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque. The increased power goes even further, too, thanks to the aluminum construction cutting 500 lbs compared to the old Raptor. Completing the package is a 10-speed transmission (yes, you read that right), which Ford says smooths things out considerably and increases fuel efficiency.

In an awesome new video from CNET’s Roadshow, editor Emme Hall takes the Raptor through a variety of terrains and obstacles, demonstrating just how incredibly capable the new Raptor truly is. Remember, this is the same truck that completed the Baja 1000 and then managed to drive the team home after completing the race.

The Raptor’s suspension is bigger and more capable. Its engine is more powerful and efficient. Better yet, the aluminum body is lighter and more rigid — and these are just the spark notes. The last generation Raptor carved out a brand new category in an already packed truck market. Now that groundwork has been laid, the 2017 Raptor can pick up where the last truck left off. And this time, it will shine even brighter.

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