2011 Ford Super Duty Truck Bed

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Making the 2011 Ford Super Duty truck beds tough and durable against all kinds of weather and work related accidents is Tough Bed, a one of a kind military grade covering. Available for 2011 Super Duty trucks, these truck beds are factory-applied using a space-age, computer controlled process and provides top-grade protection against abrasion due to working tough on the job site or any other incident. Tough Bed is also resistant to the defacing effects of ultraviolet radiation and does not limit your ability to add a tool box or storage containers.

Tough Bed applies a poly-based film and hardener to the Super Duty truck’s box using a precise, high-pressure sprayer that allows for a smooth, even coat to be applied very thinly. A thin application of a uniformly textured surface means that all the stuff you store in the bed won’t slip on the covering, while looking great and minimizing the additional weight due to the covering.

Tough Bed goes beyond the standards expected of today’s available spray-in bed-liner protection systems and has been tested by the U.S. military to ensure that it performs as well as similar products on the market at one-third the thickness.

Do you keep the original factory liner or go for an aftermarket material? How long has your factory liner lasted? What issues do you commonly see?

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