2011 Ford F450 Super Duty: Loses Weight, Gains Better Gas Mileage

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The largest truck in the 2011 Ford Super Duty lineup, the F450, will be getting a facelift that will make the heavyweight lighter and faster. This is an effect of Ford hearing that new F-450 Super Duty truck owners expected the 2011 model to go farther on a gallon of gas. To do this, Ford made changes to the frame and running gear of the 2011 Super Duty F-450, decreasing the total weight by 600 lbs. Reportedly, this provides the 6.7 litre diesel powered 2011 Super Duty F-450 with more than a ten percent increase in overall gas mileage.

How did they decrease the weight in the 2011 F450 Super Duty truck so drastically and quickly? They started by changing the old Dana S110 rear axle with a new Dana M80 and exchanging the old wide track Dana Super 60 front axle for a standard wide track Dana 60. To increase the 2011 Super Duty F-450’s top end speed, they have added new tires which designers say raises the Super Duty F-450’s top speed above 90 mph, from the 80 mph average rating of the previous tires and gives the new 2011 Super Duty F-450 better gas mileage. All these changes haven’t changed the power at your disposal though, because despite the alterations the 2011 Super Duty F-450 will still be rated to pull 24,000 pounds despite the changes, which will still lead its class in the ability to get your heavy loads where you want them to go.

What do you think about a lighter F-450 with the same class-leading power? Are you one of the folks who hated the mileage on the Super Duty? How much money can this save the average F-450 driver?

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