2011 Ford Super Duty Gets 6.7-liter Diesel V8

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The 2011 Ford Super Duty is the hotly anticipated remake of the standard Super Duty vehicle, one of Ford’s most popular. While many customers and critics have taken issue with the old Navistar engines, which had previously been housed in these cars, the 2011 Super Duty stands out for having a unique engine that is built in-house. With this product and a host of other technological adaptations to reflect the current status of heavy duty trucks, the 2011 Super Duty will surely be a competitive option for anyone looking for a powerful, full size truck.

Engine Overhaul

The 2011 Ford Super Duty will likely be best known for its innovative new engine, which is nicknamed the Scorpion. Built by Ford directly, this V8 turbocharged diesel engine provides the largest capacity of any Super Duty engine yet. It does this by making use of a unique design that is inside-out compared to previous engines; the exhaust system is on the inside, while the intake system is positioned on the outside of the engine. This allows more room for an added turbocharger, which is another of the primary modifications made to the new Scorpion engine.


The turbocharger which has been added to the Scorpion is not like traditional turbochargers; like the new engine, it is also innovative and makes use of the latest technologies in order to reduce drag and resistance. The biggest issue with Ford turbochargers up until this model has been the difficulties imposed by inertia as the turbocharger spins. By retooling the entire design of the system, Ford has allowed the turbocharger to operate at full capacity without as much of the lag by splitting it into two separate rotating sections, each with a smaller diameter than the full section would be.

Additional Engine Modifications

To further enhance the new engine of the 2011 Ford Super Duty truck, Ford has made unique alterations to the construction materials used for the engine. By utilizing aluminum in areas where there were previously heavier metals, the engine has been made as light as possible. This provides less weight for the vehicle in general and therefore makes it easier to power the weight of the truck.

Other Vehicle Specifications

The 2011 Ford Super Duty is every bit the powerful Ford truck that customers have come to expect from this popular brand. With added interior space and custom designed leather seats and dashboard covers, the inside of the vehicle is just as impressive as the outside. The bed of the truck has been reinforced and modified slightly in design to allow for additional storage space and security. As with other Ford vehicles from this model year, the new Scorpion model will come fully equipped with the latest in sound technology, air conditioning, heating systems, and more.

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