2009 Ford Explorer Review and Model Lineup

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If you’ve thought about buying a 2009 Ford Explorer, you’ve probably tried to check a review here or there. Odds are, especially if it was addressing reliability, it was a great review. Ever since the 2006 model’s redesign the Ford Explorer has been a much more reliable vehicle. One of the nice things about getting a 2009 model is that, unless the vehicle has some extremely high mileage, you’ll inherit the remainder of its warranty.

New For the 2009 Model Year

A new Trailer Sway Control system was added as standard equipment on the 2009 Ford Explorer. Combined with the AdvanceTrac (with Roll Stability Control) that is also standard, it makes the vehicle much safer and easier to control ““ even when pulling a load behind it. A new XLT sport package is added for the 2009 model year. Including white instruments, all weather floor mats, black wheel types, side steps and front fascia and charcoal black cloth seats it is an attractive look. A new edition of the voice activated navigation system includes all kind of updated information like gas prices, traffic updates, weather conditions and even sports and entertainment news delivered right to your vehicle.


While you probably won’t be able to find any sort of reliability reports due to the newness of this vehicle, the main structure and power train had not been changed for several years. The two years that have reports available both got great reviews. That means that owners and mechanics have reported infrequent problems and what problems did come up were reasonably inexpensive to resolve. Since this is essentially the same vehicle, it seems likely the reports will come in the same way when it is time for them.


Most of the original factory warranty should still be valid on most 2009 Ford Explorers. Of course, that’s subject to mileage. The truth is, though, with a 3 year, 36,000 bumper to bumper warranty and a 5 year, 60,000 mile power train warranty, if the vehicle has passed by the mileage requirements you should be getting a seriously discounted price. Not only are you missing out on the dealer warranty, but the car has extreme mileage.  Another thing to remember about the warranty is that there are requirements to keep it valid. The main one is that the owner gets all mandatory maintenance done on schedule. For that reason you should ask to see the maintenance record and verify that the work was done when required and properly documented. If you buy the truck make sure that you get to keep that maintenance record ““ it’s your proof of valid warranty.


One of the advantages of purchasing a used vehicle that’s as recent as this one is the fact that the original owner absorbs the bulk of the depreciation. Sure, vehicles depreciate year after year, but the biggest chunk happens as soon as you drive it off and it goes from “new” to “used”.

There are some things you should remember whenever you buy a used vehicle. First, even if you have a warranty, you should honestly evaluate the condition of the vehicle. The warranty will eventually wear out and a car or truck that’s been abused (many say the break in period is the most important for the life of the vehicle) will be likely to break down more often ““ and that won’t just be within the warranty period. The only way to have a good idea of the condition of the vehicle is to have it professionally inspected. It will cost you a little money upfront, but if it keeps you from buying a vehicle that is likely to become a money pit, it was well worth it. Sure, the 2009 Ford Escape should be a reliable vehicle ““ but that’s only if it’s had proper care.

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