2008 Ford Explorer Review and Model Lineup

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Based on a review or two, you might consider buying a 2008 Ford Explorer. Starting with the major model redesign of the 2006 model, the Ford Explorer’s reliability improved significantly. That makes any of the 2006 and beyond models a great choice. Getting a late model like a 2008 can be an especially good idea. Buying Used will always save you money, but with something this recent you should probably still have some of the original factory warranty left — that’s a bonus.

New For the 2008 Model Year

In terms of standard equipment for the 2008 model year there is a power driver’s side window and side curtain air bags on all trim packages. The Limited also has new pedals that are power adjustable and have memory. Although the early 2008’s didn’t have it, a new feature standard on the rest was a capless fuel filling system. This is sealed until the fuel nozzle is inserted and it reseals automatically as soon as the nozzle is removed. New options offered for the 2008 model year included a new Ford Sync system for hands free cell phone usage and entertainment system interfacing. A voice-activate navigation system was also a new option.


Although earlier models of the Ford Explorer suffered from some fairly frequent ““ and often rather expensive ““ problems, starting with the 2006 model year these demons had been exorcised. The 2008 model year (like the 2006 and 2007) has seen reports from both owners and mechanics showing that problems were infrequent and when they occurred, reasonably inexpensive to fix.


The 2008 Ford Explorer came with a 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty on the entire vehicle and a 5 year, 60,000 mile warranty on the power train. Depending on purchase date and mileage the bumper to bumper could still be effective. The power train should definitely still be effective in 2010, unless the mileage has exceeded the 60,000 mark. Of course, generally factory warranties can become void if the required maintenance hasn’t been done. For that reason you need to ask to see maintenance records on the vehicle. Check to make sure all the required work was done ““ and properly documented to keep the warranty in effect. Also be sure that you get the records to keep if you purchase the vehicle. If the mileage requirement has been surpassed, it will bring up a whole host of other issues to consider due to excessive mileage on the vehicle. That should be considered in the pricing of the SUV, too.

Getting any vehicle used can be a problem. Properly evaluating a vehicle’s condition can negate a lot of that concern. When you get a vehicle (like the 2008 Ford Explorer) that still has some of its factory warranty in place, this is not as big a concern, but it’s not one you want to ignore completely either. If the vehicle has passed the mileage threshold for both parts of the warranty, extra attention should be paid because it will qualify as extreme usage in terms of mileage. In any instance, though, you should really get an inspection done by a professional. This can help you to decide if you should buy the vehicle at all. If you do buy the vehicle an inspection can give you valuable information about when specific systems might need work and what kind of work they’ll need. Planning for repairs to a vehicle is always preferred to having it come up on you unexpectedly. The 2008 Ford Explorer is an extremely reliable vehicle, but any car or truck that’s been abused can be prone to problems. Don’t let someone else’s driving habits or poor care of their vehicle become your problem in terms or repair costs when you buy it from them.

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