1979 Ford Truck Roasts Huge Mud Tires

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This video features a 1979 Ford truck that has been fitted with some monster mud tires and a suspension package that makes proper use of those big tires.

While we don’t often see jacked up Ford trucks like this doing big, smoky burnouts, the driver of this classic F Series has no qualms doing a minute-long burnout with those big, expensive tires.


As the burnout begins, the ’79 Ford truck gets the tires smoking, but quickly begins to roll forward.

In many cases, this slow roll leads to a quick end to the burnout, but this old school Ford truck gets them spinning, and then gets the truck stopped as smoke billows from the rear tires.

This ends up being an absolutely epic burnout for a truck riding on huge mud tires, thanks to the massive torque of the big block V8.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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