Dueling Ford Lightning Strikes Twice!

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This Truckin’ Fast video comes to us from Barona Drag Strip in Lakeside, California, where we have a race between two very similar Ford F-150 SVT Lightning pickups.

Unfortunately, there is no information for either truck, so we don’t know what kind of work has been done to these factory-blown F-150s, but it is pretty clear that these trucks are not stock.

After big, smoky burnouts by both of the silver Lightnings, the trucks pull to the line and it appears as though they both have non-matching read rims – indicating that they are running sticky tires.

Even with the likelihood of drag radials or better, both trucks seem to struggle to get away from the line when the green light drops. The F-150 in the near lane seems to hold an early lead, but the SVT half ton in the left lane quickly catches up as they reach the finish line.

In the end, the truck in the right lane got there first, with a time of 7.64, but the F-150 in the left lane ran a 7.67 – with a trap speed almost 7 mpg higher. Crank up your speakers to hear the mix of engine roar and blower whine.

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