Ford F-100 Goes Skydiving: Throwback Thursday

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Argentinian Ford commercial shows how daring iconic F-100 really was.

This week’s “Throwback Thursday” video takes us back to 1977, when an F-100 pickup truck commercial for Argentina shows the Ford falling out of an airplane, among other “normal” truck things.

If you don’t speak Spanish, you may not be sure of what is being said during the commercial. In addition, the video quality is quite poor, but even with some of the outrageous American Ford truck commercials – this piece is too unique to pass up.


The video by paulinoargento shows the Ford truck traveling all over Argentina, as the names appearing below represent several regions of the southern country. If you’re not familiar with Argentina, their geography includes major metropolitan areas like Buenos Aires and remote, harsh terrain like the Patagonia. Clearly, none of them represent a challenge to the F-100.

As the commercial progresses, we see the Ford climbing the Cerro Lopez mountain peak, pulling what appears to be a huge grain silo in La Pampa, delivering newspapers in Buenos Aires, and hauling logs in Patagonia. Then, the most awaited shot. The commercial ends with one more view of the ’77 Ford truck falling out of an airplane!

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