1,200 HP Ford F1 Pickup Is the Ultimate Sleeper

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F1 pickup weighs less than the fastest Mustang made by Ford but produces more than twice the power!

The people in charge at Hoonigan are basically our spirit animal. Focusing on the wildest, strangest, and most powerful machines in the world, they excel at creating odd import and drift cars but are not above checking out amazing pieces of American sheet metal. Allow us to introduce you to Old Smokey F1, a truck that is everything that makes America great rolled up into one perfect package.

Old Smokey makes us weak in the knees and we can’t help but swoon. When it comes to the reasons why we love this truck, let us count the ways:

  • 5.7L Cummins diesel with 106 psi of boost
  • 1233 horsepower (at the wheels!) and 2,000 ft-lbs of torque
  • 375 hp shot of nitrous for more stupidity
  • Full racing-spec tube-frame chassis
  • Dual-rear calipers with hydraulic handbrake for drifting
  • 1949 Ford F1 shell with perfect patina
  • Weighs two pounds less than a Shelby GT350R

Isn’t glorious spec sheet? These maniacs have basically created a rat-rod, that is also a drift car, that is also a drag racer, that is also a track-eater, that is also a diesel tuner’s wet dream. A Ford F1 with a 5.7L Cummins running 106 pounds of boost? Awesome. A 1,233 horsepower anything that weighs less than an already lightweight Shelby GT350R Mustang? Awesome. A race-spec tube-frame and a 375 hp shot of nitrous? Sign us up! Did you say 1,233 horsepower and a 375 hp shot of nitrous? That’s about the same horsepower as four 2017 Ford Raptors, and almost five times as much torque, too.

This is the kind of stuff that makes us love trucks, and it’s the kind of automotive passion that makes people pay attention. This is the truck that makes kids grow up to be “car people.” If you are one of the true enthusiasts who love to see the art and science of the automobile be pushed ever further, you must watch this.

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