1964 Ford Econoline Pickup is an Old-School Hot Rod

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Econoline Pickup

The ’60s was a pivotal decade for the hot rod movement. With all sorts of wacky creations showing up at local cruise spots and the weekend drags, it was a special time in automotive history. One of the more popular platforms to build a crazy hot rod on, was Ford’s Econoline pickup. Which also happened to be a real life lesson in weight transfer.

To this day, the Econoline remains a popular truck to turn into a cool cruiser. They scream old-school, and they are a real hoot to drive. This 1964 Econoline is a great example of the breed, and it’s a five window unit, which also makes it sort of rare.

Econoline Pickup

Power comes from a 302 pulled out of a Mustang, and it’s been fortified with a four barrel carb and aluminum intake, HEI distributor, and a dual exhaust with Thrush mufflers. There’s more than enough power here to experience the kind of squirrelly fun you won’t find on any modern vehicle.

Inside and out, this Eco is also very clean. The burgundy paint looks great with the original trim, and a set of Cragar SS wheels add a nice retro touch. The interior is a nice place to sit, with a two-tone trim and new glass and rubber seals.

Econoline Pickup

Everybody loves an Econoline pickup, which has enabled them to survive and even thrive in today’s custom truck market. They are just the right combination of quirky and cool, and when you combine that with the (somewhat dangerous) driving characteristics, you’ve got some serious lasting appeal!

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