1929 Ford Model A Truck Has a Wicked Tale to Tell

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1929 Ford Model A truck - Front

Johnny Martinez is the definition of hard work and perseverance.

Johnny grew up yearning over hot rods and dreamed of building one of his very own someday. That day came for him, however, he was faced by a series of setbacks and tragedies, including his wife being diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, she was able to beat it, and Johnny was able to turn his attention back to his beloved hotrod.

1929 Ford Model A truck - hood

He poured all of his heart and soul into the ’29 Ford for the following three years, and nearly finished it, but it seemed as if the universe had different plans. Johnny was then diagnosed with cancer. Yet another setback for his project and an even bigger shakeup for his family…

With an amazing amount of strength and perseverance, he survived his health setback and refocused his energies on his true passion. Finally, he was able to realize his dream and completed the Model A;
a true labor of love.

1929 Ford Model A truck

Once the 1929 Ford Model A truck was finished, Johnny entered it into the Grand National Roadster show in Pomona, California. Unfortunately though, his truck didn’t win any recognition from the judges. But just 2 years later, he was invited to display it again at the Grand Nationals.

“I would have never believed that they would have called my name on Sunday night,” recalls Martinez. “I won the Grand Nationals,” Martinez said, tearing up at the memory.

Watch this inspiring video from Roads & Rides, where Johnny recounts the story behind his prized hot rod. Starting as a kid admiring the work of a local mechanic and hot rodder named Bob Grossi, and ending with a 17-year build process that would take him to the Grand Nationals!

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