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A Pickup Car Find for $3,000 Bucks!


Good deals are out there and you just have to know where to look. Well, and have a little cash handy for the right moment. Forum member impish just scored a real beauty – a sixth generation pickup car – the Ford Ranchero! “It’s a ’72, pretty decent shape, the owner was moving clear across the [...] More »

Transit Connect Wagon Rocks!


When Ford introduced North America to the once Euro-only Transit Connect, they knew that it would have to be available for customers who had mobility needs. Thanks to Ford’s Mobility Motoring Reimbursement Program, the Transit Connect has become the choice of retail customers with those needs. Has that turned into gains for 2014? Ford says [...] More »

Ford Chassis Motorhome Sales Up


When it costs as much as most new houses, your motorhome better be built on a chassis or van that can last as long. That’s why consumers are buying more motorhomes built off of Ford Class A chassis and Class C van-based motorhomes. Motorhomes can cost up to $150,000 for the big Class A types [...] More »

How to Replace & Bleed Your Brakes


If you have never worked on your brakes before, the idea can seem pretty daunting at first. We are talking about something you rely on to keep you safe and stop you before you crash into things. However, replacing your own brakes and bleeding the system aren’t really as bad as they seem. So, we’ll [...] More »

Ford Fans Fight ALS with Ultimate Ice Bucket Challenge


Have you completed the ice bucket challenge yet? You may have already seen one of the thousands of videos posted on Facebook and Twitter by regular folks and celebrities dumping buckets of ice on their heads this summer. Why? In order to help fight amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gerhrig’s Disease, people [...] More »

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