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Behold the Baddest Ford Model A Ever Built (Video)

Although its resemblance to a stock Model A has been eradicated, we have a feeling Henry Ford would be proud of this bad boy.

  Comments | By - July 31, 2017

F-150 Police Responder: Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What’cha Gonna Do?

Ford empowers law enforcement agencies with the first pursuit-rated pickup truck, the F-150 Police Responder.

  Comments | By - July 21, 2017

Ford’s Venture Into the World of EVs Began 50 Years Ago

With a hybrid F-150 in the works, we explore Ford’s EV technology development from half a century ago.

  Comments | By - July 17, 2017

Behold the Only F-22 Raptor You Can Actually Take Home

No, a Raptor-fied Raptor isn’t silly, it’s absolutely freaking awesome and you must buy it.

  Comments | By - July 13, 2017

Ford L-Series: Gone but Not Forgotten

The L-Series carried the Ford name to territories never explored, performing tasks never expected.

  Comments | By - July 11, 2017

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