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Acceleration and Towing Showdown: 2016 vs. 2017 Ecoboost


You don’t exactly have to be a genius to figure out that the 2017 Gen 2 Ecoboost is going to produce a faster 0-60 time than the Gen 1. The real question is this: how much faster is the new Ecoboost really?

  Comments | By - September 26, 2016

The Diesel F-150 Is Happening! Here’s the Proof!


Our crack team of spy photographers have caught the diesel F-150 in-the-wild being tested! Check out all the great photos!

  Comments | By - September 16, 2016

Somebody Finally Captured F-150 and Ranger Sizes in Person


There aren’t many places in the world where Ford sells both the current Ford Ranger (third gen) and the current F-150 (13th gen) pickups.

  Comments | By - September 15, 2016

The History of Raptor’s 450 Horsepower Leaks

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor

Another leak pertaining to the 2017 Ford Raptor reveals — again — 450 horsepower.

  Comments | By - September 14, 2016

Should Ford Build a New SVT Lightning? We Think So!


The market for high-end and high-performance off-road trucks is booming, and Ford has quickly adapted to reap the financial benefits of that, well as build an even more loyal customer base.

  Comments | By - September 14, 2016

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