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2009 Ford Expedition Review – Walkaround and Interior Features

[NewCarTestDrive] Walkaround The Ford Expedition is a truck and it doesn’t pretend to be anything else. This is a good identity to have, because Ford trucks continue to have an outstanding reputation for utility, reliability and durability. Both the long and regular-length versions of the Expedition use many of the components from the Ford F-150 […] More »

2009 Ford Expedition Review – Driving Impressions

[NewCarTestDrive] Driving Impressions Full-size sport-utilities aren’t known for their driving manners, but the latest-generation of vehicles from both Ford and General Motors offer real progress in delivering a more car-like impression. In this regard, the Ford Expedition tracks down the highway with excellent straight-line stability, negotiates forest roads with surprising agility, and absorbs impacts from […] More »

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